May 2011

Telxon customers are experiencing problems with acoustic modem transmissions when using digital phones/digital circuits. SSI partners with Orion Products to allow legacy Telxon acoustic modem devices to transmit their orders via the internet to SSI's Web Order system.

April 2011

SSI announced the new ISS-WebOrder sever software. The web system allows customers to transmit orders via CipherLab remote devices over the Internet. Orders may be view and or edited if required, along with printing hard copies of the order for delivery verification. For customers without portable data collection devices, orders can be created online similar to "shopping cart" systems. Current customers with the previous ISSComm TCP/IP servers can be upgraded.

March 2011

SSI and Scanrite Solutions attend CDR user conference and announce a new software release for CDR's customer remote order entry using CipherLab portable data entry devices. The CipherLab 8470 sales force demonstration was a hit demonstrating our intelligent stock replenishment and shelf label printing features. SSI also demonstrated sending remote orders via the Verizon cellular data network.

January 2011

DFW airport in Texas installs the SSI I-TRAX system. The DFW parking division purchased CipherLab 8500 handheld devices that communicate with the I-TRAX system. DFW tracks all customer parking areas by license plates, location, and IN/OUT toll gate receipts.

October 2010

SSI released QB-Link, a CipherLab handheld bridge to Quickbooks that allows users to do inventories and product receiving using a portable handheld device.

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