ISS-WebOrder Server

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The ISS-WebOrder server answers the need for the next generation remote data collection server. With the fast paced analog to digital conversion with major telephony carriers, legacy communication protocols are becoming obsolete. For remote users unable to connect to the Internet (broadband), the server supports a dialup method with enhanced protocols for digital circuits. Within broadband areas as users progress to Internet connectivity, high speed Internet file transfer simplifies the user’s communications interface and eliminates modem, telephony carrier analog connectivity issues. The WebOrder Server is available as “data collection” only or with the “On-Line Order” module where customers can login and edit, review, or add to an existing order. Small customers can create orders on-line without a portable data collection (PDA) device.

Other features of the server synchronize applications, files, send confirmations to the remote user of received data from the remote device. ISS Host can automatically upload data to other host systems, reformat data if necessary and allows for a help desk remote view of incoming data traffic by remote user.

Stellar Systems can also provide a bridge to popular Acoustic modem data receivers such as WTM and Order Hawk (Novex). Acoustic orders will be available On-Line displaying product descriptions, discontinued alerts, substitute items, etc.